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Styrofoam is a material that is generally used to provide thermal insulation on roofs and walls. The most important feature of Styrofoam is that it is produced from petroleum. The first production stage is in the form of small beads and they are in a very hard structure. For the Styrofoam to complete its formation phase, it must be inflated by filling it with gas. Due to the given gas, they are enlarged in size and made usable. In response to the question of where foam polystyrene is used, we can say that it has a wide range of uses and is mostly preferred for supporting the insulation of buildings. At the same time, Styrofoam is used in model and model making, sculpture production, mascot production, window model making, and wall and door manufacturing in the field of 3D advertising.

What Are the Features of Styrofoam and What Is It Used For?

Styrofoam is a durable and quality material with high standards. Foam polystyrene is a product with vapor permeability due to its structure. It has a water-resistant structure, especially thanks to its moisture absorption. This shows that it provides a superior protection feature in outdoor conditions.


​ ​Use of Styrofoam is also a preferred material in terms of providing support for sound insulation. It has the main material that will minimize the noise for sound insulation in varying weather conditions. The thickness of the Styrofoam and its correct laying are capable of eliminating airborne noises.

​ ​Another feature of Styrofoam is that they are resistant to high pressure. Their durability ensures that they are not fragile. In addition, when the use of Styrofoam is constant, there is no such thing as thinning over time. This means that it can be used safely in the desired place. Finally, another feature we would like to add is that it is very economical and easy to use.


Styrofoam is resistant to sun rays, water, impacts, etc. It is extremely resistant to all adversities. Styrofoam, which has a low cost, is one of the most economical production materials.

Where is Foam Polystyrene (Styrofoam) Used?

Let's answer your question about where foam polystyrene is used. Foam polystyrene can be used in any area you can think of. For example, it is used for insulation in buildings, walls, underfloor heating floors, ceilings, and roofs. It is a very common situation to lose heat in buildings or to feel the heat inside the house in summer. To prevent this, this situation is minimized by the use of Styrofoam in buildings. The foamed polystyrene used on the walls ensures that the thermal insulation is balanced.


​ ​Thermal insulation in buildings is a kind of exterior coating. The walls are covered with Styrofoam to protect the permeability of the cold in the winter and the heat in the summer. The situation is slightly different for underfloor heating floors. The use of Styrofoam is not recommended unless it is mandatory. The reason for this is that insulation cannot be provided for columns and beams. Instead of using Styrofoam, coatings such as plaster, plaster, or chipboard are preferred for such cases.

​Foam polystyrene is also used to provide ceiling insulation. The biggest advantage of its use is that it protects against moisture and humidity. Another area of ​​use is roofs. Correct application of foamed polystyrene on roofs allows for to elimination of direct pressure interaction. For example, it prevents the direct sun from giving its heat. In such cases, this method is used when building structures.

​ ​In addition, it is preferred in the production of 3D models, in the production of company mascots, and the preparation of showcase elements. It is also used in dummy and mock-ups production because it is economical. Styrofoam is preferred for movie and TV series decorations on walls, doors, and exterior designs.

The Best Application for Thermal Insulation Foam Polystyrene!

Styrofoam is a foam material. However, it has the feature of providing high heat resistance thanks to the components in its raw material. It provides maximum adaptation to outdoor conditions. Foam polystyrene is a material that you can often see on construction sites.


​ ​Styrofoam is also a frequently used material in thermal insulation. Styrofoam can be used easily from homes to workplaces, from outdoor set decors to sculptures. It is a very strong and durable product.

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